At the Helm

At Helmwise, we help businesses navigate the stormy waters of achieving scale, sustaining growth, or undergoing a transition with confidence and peace of mind.

Charting success

With decades of experience and proactive methodologies, Helmwise offers operational effectiveness solutions to guide your business through growth challenges or transition planning with reduced stress and chaos.


Our Areas of Expertise


Our consulting services help organizations escape the ‘ready, fire, aim’ mindset by activating their strategy, infusing culture, and aligning their workforces to deliver consistent and predictable results.

Exit Planning

Our exit planning services assess the operational risk of a business transition and implement solutions to bolster sell-side valuations or accelerate buy-side value validation and realization.

Professional Coaching

Our coaching services accelerate leadership development, improve critical thinking, enhance team interactions, and foster self-awareness through focused sessions and accountability partnerships.


Our assessment services include personal and organizational evaluation tools that guide individuals and teams to achieving strategic goals, improving teamwork, and realizing results.


From personal and professional development to organizational health and team cohesion, we blend the methodologies of the top business and leadership experts to deliver high-value sessions and courses to individuals, small groups, teams, or entire organizations.

Guiding You Every Step of The Way

Helmwise is a values-centered firm that helps SMB owners and leaders scale and sustain growth or transition their business legacy to new hands. We believe in multiplying the blessings that decades of experience have bestowed upon us by sharing our knowledge, wisdom, and insights to minimize business turbulence or bring the peace of mind that an owner’s valued asset finds capable hands. We team with our clients to remove dysfunction, scale their operations, galvanize their teams, and preserve their cultures so they may serve others. How can Helmwise add value to your mission?

Meet our President

Scott J. Medeiros

A multi-talented business professional and former Marine Corps aviator, Scott has extensive experience across various functional areas. With a BS in Electrical Engineering, two masters degrees in systems management disciplines, and over sixteen professional certifications, Scott has a passion for sharing his knowledge to help individuals and organizations achieve consistent, stress-free growth.

Our Core Values


The Best You Can Every Day, Working With A Purpose, and Treating Others With Respect.


Great results are achieved by working together with collaboration and cooperation.


Positively Impacting Our Employees And Greater Community Through Servant Leadership And Selfless Giving.


Always upholding our commitments and embracing a culture of transparent accountability.


Embracing Creative Solutions To Be Leaders In Our Ever-Changing Industry.


What our Clients say

How can we help you succeed?

At Helmwise, we're passionate about helping businesses navigate the ever-changing tides of success. We understand that growth can be exhilarating and challenging, and that's why we're here to be your guide.

Ready to take your business to new horizons? Together, let's navigate the waters of success and set sail for a brighter future.